Monday, July 23, 2012

A great way to improve our posture!

I’m sure most of us know that proper posture is very important if we’re trying to increase our height. By improving our posture, we can increase our height almost immediately.

But first, there are some common posture problems we should be aware of. One is called ‘swayback’, where your lower back's curve is exaggerated. This is usually caused by bad posture habits like slouching, and weak abdominal muscles from obesity or lack of exercise.

Another is a rounded upper back, due to weak shoulder muscles or having a poor standing posture.

Finally, there is what is referred to as poke neck, where the head is thrust forward at the neck. Again, this is mainly a result of bad posture habits.

Our spinal column is made up of 26 individual vertebrae. This accounts for a little more than half of our total height. Between each vertebrae is a disc composed of soft tissues containing mainly water and fluid. 

These discs by themselves account for one fifth of our spinal column’s length. If we can increase the space of these discs, it would have a great impact on our overall height.

By standing and walking tall and straight, we can improve our posture. It always helps to imagine a string attached to you head and going through your spine, pulling you upward while you walk or stand.

Another simple exercise we can do for our posture is to lean against a wall, keeping our head, shoulder blades, buttocks and heels against it. We then use our muscles to pull back our neck, waist and knees to minimize the space between our body and the wall. 

Is there a way to get taller through this exercise? This exercise helps  relieve unnecessary pressure and compression on your discs. This can help increase our height as a result.

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